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Art comes in all kinds of forms.  More recently I have been drawn to glass and alcohol ink painting. My glass work is unique and every piece I create is different.


As a child, my Father would draw squiggly lines on a piece of paper and then ask me to make something out of them.  This triggered my imagination and kept me busy for hours.  I use this technique when working with alcohol ink.  I place paint on the paper or tile and then develop my paintings trom there.  The color and the way the color moves on the paper or tile calls and directs me to the final result.  I do not start with a subject in mind: the paint flow determines the direction the painting will go.


My goal as an artist is to create fun, interesting, affordable and pleasing pieces that speak to our artist heart.  Each creation is made with great care and love.




Take a look at the image gallery to view some of the items I have created.

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